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Works by Timothy Blinko for digital download and streaming


– composed and performed by Timothy Blinko for the motion picture, Euphony


For Countertenor and Ensemble

Composed and sung by Timothy Blinko

About Timothy Blinko

Having been Bliss Composition Scholar at the Royal College of Music, Timothy became a Junior Professor there and is currently Professor of Music at the University of Hertfordshire which has one of the largest composition departments in the UK. He has won many awards for his music which is performed, recorded, published and broadcast worldwide. Timothy is widely published as a composer and writes for all media, including a feature film (2019), three short films 2018-19 and currently (2020) a short film led by Warner Brothers, UK. He uses elements of synaesthesia in his music to deepen creative communication with people and The Times has described his music as ‘euphoric.’